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A note to all Hollywood producers and directors, if you're making a film in the next couple of years, it needs to star Chris Pratt. Ever since his jaunt as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, the man has been in almost every blockbuster film for the past two years. With the Magnificent Seven remake on the horizon, Pratt also has another film on the way called Passengers, which recently debuted its first international trailer. Oh, and another of our favourites, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, also stars. 

The pair find themselves travelling on a spaceship, heading for a colony planet. The problem, however, is that they both find themselves awake and not in hibernation;  the only people on the ship to have done so. Unsure of what precisely went wrong, they need to find a solution or risk dying during the 90 year intergalactic journey to their destination. 

With films like Gravity, The Martian and Interstellar being released in recent years, it should prove interesting to see how Passengers fares when it's released in cinemas during December this year.


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