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The closest we at the office will get to being lost is if the internet goes down. But, for those traversing the bush or who think that life as we know it will soon come to an end, does Humble Bundle got some books for you. The Survive Anything bundle features loads of books by Skyhorse publishing that can be used in any doomsday scenario.

You should know the deal by now, you can pay what you want, but the more you cough up, the more books you unlock. $1 gets you a solid seven books, including titles on how to defend your home and its massive stockpile of food in case you are a prepper (Survival Retreats); how to tie a turnique (The Pocket First-Aid Field Guide); how to survive if you are locked out of the house (Lost and Stranded), or how to make cheese in case of an emergency (The Joy of Cheesemaking).

$8 gets you The U.S. Navy Seal Guide to Fitness and Nutrition, a good book to have if you're used to sitting in front of the PS4; Survival: A Prepper's Guide to Life after the Crash which might not refer to what to do when your PC crashes; and our favourite, The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer, a have-to-have with the price of craft beer these days.

If you have $15 to drop, then you can get the aptly titled The Ultimate Sh*t Hits the Fan Survival Guide; and Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills, which dissapointingly does not include info on how to defend your cave against a saber-toothed tiger. If your world collapses, the most valueable title might just be The Joy of Home Distilling which will help you make enough peach brandy to drink yourself into oblivion.

More books are on offer in other bundles, including RPG tabletop books in Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors, and loads of titles surrounding programmable boards by Make.


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