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We usually punt the books and comic books over at Humble Bundle, but the site is of course more well known for its gaming bundles. The hot one this week is their ‘Humble Endless RPG Lands’ Bundle, named for reasons that will become clear soon.

The setup is easy: pay what you want but know that the more you cough up the more stuff you unlock. For a measly $1 you will get Borderlands Game of the Year Edition in all its cel-shaded glory, which includes all four DLC packs. There’s also The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut and the Wurm Unlimited sandbox, which clocks an incredible 142.6 hours of average playtime.

$5.38 grabs you Borderlands 2, the Classic Edition of Endless Legend (which includes its soundtrack), and Guild of Dungeoneering, a turn-based dungeon crawler with a twist, since you build the dungeons.

$10 gets you all of the above, plus Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, where you get to see the rise of Handsome Jack’s villainous ways.  

If that is not enough playtime to fill your weekend, our mates from Down Under have their own bundle going too. The Humble Down Under Bundle features Aussie game developers with nine games in total on offer (including Crawl below). Currently the average you need to pay to unlock the second tier is low enough to make it an impulse buy, with $3.73 ready get you all but one of the titles.

As always you can choose how much of your bucks go to the developers, Humble Bundle or the selected charity. Check it out now before the weekend starts.


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