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A few weeks ago VentureBeat's Evan Blass, infamously known as @evleaks on Twitter, leaked a set of rendered images for Motorola's new X range of smartphones. Now, he's back at it again, revealing images for the company's Droid offering. Still branded as Motorola, but now under the Lenovo banner, these Droids are expected to make their full (Blass-less) debut at Lenovo Tech World next week (9 June). 

Along with images, Blass has also detailed some of the features of the new Droids. These include swappable backplates, which are referred to as MotoMods. Similar to the LG G5's friends, these MotoMods each come with a distinct function, such as a projector, JBL-engineered speakers and a Hasselblad branded camera. Precisely how the backplates detach and attach is unknown, but if it's anything like LG's version, it could prove a little finicky. 

For now, the pricing and availability of the new Droids remain unknown, but that information will likely be forthcoming in a couple of weeks’ time at Lenovo Tech World. It also remains to be seen, if the Moto X lineup will also feature the same set of backplate accessories.


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