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Over the past few months, almost every smartphone maker has embraced an all-screen design for their flagship devices. Another trend has been the screen notch that appears at the top of the phone's display, which started with the iPhone X last year, and has been copied by the likes of Huawei and LG.

Now Lenovo appears to be getting in on the all-screen action with their Z5 device, but recently shared images via CNET point to a phone that will truly be all-screen, if the manufacturer is to be believed. Part of the reason for screen notches has been the issue of where to place the front facing camera and speaker, but the Lenovo Z5 could do away with that problem, with images of the phone showcasing a thin bezel and 95% screen-to-body ratio.

As for how Lenovo tackled the issue of the front facing camera, we'll have to wait until the Z5 sees the light of day. From what we can tell, if they were to have a camera up front, it would have to embedded under the display [much like the Bluboo S1 (review)], with the same going for any fingerprint sensor.

With the iPhone X kicking off one design trend in smartphones, perhaps the Z5 is the next. With no word on when the Lenovo Z5 will be officially unveiled, we'll have to wait for an announcement.


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