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The Nexus Hub, in collaboration with select partners, has announced the CREATORS UNITED initiative. This event brings together streamers, vloggers, YouTubers, writers and influencers, donating their time and skills all in aid of raising funds for charity. This is done through a 24-hour non-stop livestream event, starting 27 July and running through to 28 July 2019.

The selected charity for the event is the Abraham Kriel Bambanani Children's Non-Profit, with the theme being superheroes. Content creators taking part in the event will be using their own platforms, be it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or others, to raise funds and garner donations from their respective audiences.

There is also a 24-hour streamer challenge whereby select local content creators try stream for the full twenty-four hour event as a donation challenge.

Furthermore, the Nexus Hub in Randburg will hosts a 24 hour Live Stream on their channel with various content and persistent engagement for viewers to participate and donate to the charity. Activities include:

  • Interviews with brands and sponsors.
  • Interviews with the charity.
  • Workshops and discussions with the content creators.
  • Fun activities and on-air challenges for audience engagement and donation target drives.
  • Pre-produced content featuring the brands and the influencers involved.
  • Pre-produced content featuring the charity, objectives and people involved in making these sorts of organisations succeed.

For this event, Creators United aims to reach a target of at R50 000 in donations, with over forty local content creators to participate. The organisers are looking to get at least six key brand sponsors involved in the fund raising process.

Where is the event being hosted?

The Nexus Hub in Randburg is a community orientated entertainment venue designed for gamers, table top players, and retail related to everything gaming and geek. It also houses LAN gaming space, E-sports facilities, community spaces and studios, with a café providing venue catering.

This secure tech centric space is the perfect base of operation for content creators to participate in the event, for brands to engage with communities and all related content to be made.

Who’s getting involved?

Along with over 40 registered content creators participating in the event from various entertainment spheres, some of our featured creators include:

Samkelo Khoze aka SamPlayze 

Julia Robson aka Bish

Sheree Buchholz EA Game Changer | DICE Friend

Grant Hinds 

Marco Cocomel of Glitched.Africa

Timothy John Moulster aka TH33D3

Pippa Tshabalala

And many more...collectively allows Creators United to engage with potentially thousands of followers across various social platforms, creating millions of impressions for the event.

Find more information here:

Creators United is scheduled for 27-28 July 2019 from 9 AM to 10 AM, and is taking place at:

The Nexus Hub

21 Harley Street, Ferndale,

Randburg, 2195

Google Maps Link:


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