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Lost in Space was a TV series that turned into a movie and is now once again a series. Not on television this time around, but arguably the most important streaming service – Netflix. If you don’t know anything about the series or haven’t watch the not-too-bad movie, a family sets of on a mission into space, but something goes horribly wrong and now they are lost, in space.

In this case the series takes place 30 years into the future when old Musky’s plans for a colony on Mars actually succeeded. The Robinson family is all set to go, thinking that they are leaving Earth and all their troubles behind.

Molly Parker (Deadwood) and Toby Stephens (Die Another Day) star as the mom and dad, while Parker Posey (Scream 3) makes a turn as the manipulative Dr. Smith. The series will go live on 13 April, which gives you a fair amount of time to first finish Altered Carbon.

If you like slow motion walking scenes, just not as cool as in Reservoir Dogs, Lost in Space’s teaser trailer is for you. There truly isn’t much happening, but seeing that you’re here already, give it a shot below.


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