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That perennial underdog, Charlie Brown, and his gang will soon be back on the big screen. The Peanuts Movie is set to commemorate the comic strip’s 65th year anniversary. It’s all due for a 3D release and to up the hype the creators are allowing you to do something quite amazing – Peanutize yourself.

By clicking on Peanutize Me you are transported to the world of Charlie, Snoopy, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy and Sally. Here you can select a character to modify, or start your own to build your perfect Peanut doppelganger.

Although the different options might take some time to load, the site is quite zippy once done, all while Vince Guaraldi’s familiar soundtrack plays in the background. After making your final background pick, you can download your character as wallpaper or as a profile picture.

The Peanut Movie, set for release on 4 December in SA, follows a dual story. Snoopy once again takes to the sky as a WWI Flying Ace in a crazy pursuit of his arch-nemesis – The Legendary Red Baron. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown must step up to the plate to win the heart of The Little Red-Haired Girl.

If you’ve always wanted a role amongst Charlie and the gang, Peanutize Me is the place to be. Hit the trailer below to see what the movie is all about.


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