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Netflix has big plans for its Marvel range of TV series. With Daredevil and Jessica Jones both proving hits, expectations for Luke Cage and Iron First are to perform likewise. The more interesting prospect is The Defenders, which will see all four characters team up to handle threats to the residents of Hell's Kitchen, New York. 

While no official trailer has been revealed at the currently running San Diego Comic-Con, as Luke Cage is the main focus for now, a teaser has arrived from Netflix. It does not show off any live-action shots of the protagonist team, but does feature nods to all their original TV series' logos. 

It does, however, feature the voice of Stick (played by Scott Glenn in Daredevil) at the end. He poses the question, "You think the four of you can save New York? You can't even defend yourselves." This has lead us to believe that the shadowy presence of The Hand, seen in Daredevil season two, will likely be the threat The Defenders will have to contend with. 

As for when The Defenders will hit Netflix, only 2017 has been mentioned, with no precise date detailed as of yet. Until that happens, we've also thrown in a teaser for Luke Cage, which arrives on Netflix come 30 September. 


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