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Yesterday, Microsoft held its Surface event. While the hardware is what most people were interested in, the company opted to talk up its software first and specifically the new range of 3D tools coming to Windows 10 across multiple platforms when the Creators Update rolls out early next year.

3D forms part of three-pronged focus for the Creators Update, with the other two being new features on the gaming side and better sharing for the desktop. As one might expect, the 3D element is more concerned with creativity, and what Microsoft referred to yesterday as a "democratisation" of technology. To that end, the 3D tools are not simply limited to those with flagship devices, but should work with all Windows 10-compatible ones too.

For example, users will be able to use their Windows 10 Mobile smartphone to work as a 3D scanner to capture the information of real-world images. During a demo for the new feature, Microsoft utilised an HP-branded device (HP Elite X3), which means 3D scanning is not solely available on Lumia.

Added to this are new applications like Paint 3D, which will allow users to create 3D images and share them with friends and family, at least that's how Microsoft envisions it. Along with a new art application, Microsoft has created a community marketplace for 3D content to be shared, called Remix 3D. At this stage, it's unclear if it will be monetised based on how elaborate the 3D model is. Furthermore, Minecrafters can also export their creations in-game and 3D print them via this platform too.     

During the demo, Microsoft went on to showcase the potential applications of 3D with HoloLens. To that end, HoloLens wearers could experience 3D creations a bit closer up, but the more interesting demo dealt with use in the ecommerce space. HoloLens could for example be used for a furniture website, allowing wearers to import to-scale pieces of virtual furniture into their real world homes, and get a feel for how it would fit in before purchasing.

All these features will be more illuminated as Microsoft rolls out the Creators Update and its range of accessories early next year.    

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