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With some Minecraft players of a few years back now heavily invested in Fortnite, it’s not to say that the Minecraft wheel is grinding to a halt. Indeed, the Minecraft: Education Edition community continues to grow, with 35 million licensees in 115 countries, according to Microsoft. To continue encouraging this growth, Microsoft Education is announcing updates to Minecraft: Education Edition, which includes the following:

Minecraft: Education Edition coming to iPad

Microsoft notes that students and educators can now use Minecraft: Education Edition on iPads to engage students in STEM, inspire creative projects across subjects, as well as build important skills in communication, collaboration and digital citizenship. Teachers will also have access to tutorials and other free class resources via There’s a bit of a wait, since the app will be available to download onto iPads in September.

Players on Windows 10 PC and Xbox console version of Minecraft can now use the Chemistry Resource Pack

This is great news for anyone trying to touch up on their chemistry knowledge. Students and families can now access the Chemistry Resource Pack for Windows 10 PC and Xbox via menu toggle. This allows them to use the Chemistry Resource Pack from Minecraft: Education Edition to combine elements into compounds and create new objects. Players need to go to the ‘Create New World’ option on the game and under the ‘Cheats’ menu, toggle on ‘Education’.

Microsoft notes that its education team is always looking for ways to help empower students and teachers, and Minecraft has proven to be a powerful way to teach skills today’s students will need for future jobs. With these updates, now educators and families are able to use Minecraft to engage students in STEM, inspire creative projects across subjects, and build important skills in collaboration, creativity and digital citizenship.


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