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It appears NASA is working on honing its horticultural skills. They were successful in recently growing lettuce on the International Space Station (ISS), not because the astronauts were short on food, but rather to investigate the effects of microgravity on plant life. Now NASA is taking their experimentation a step further, as they attempt to grow Zinnia flowers on the ISS. 

This plan forms part of the Veggie growth system, as it tests its capabilities of growing different types of plant life. The end goal for this initiative is not fully known, but the potential application, if successful, could see less supplies being flown into space along with astronauts for missions, allowing them to sustain themselves by growing their own crops. 

While that possible vision is still years away, NASA aims to have flowers blooming on the ISS just after the New Year.  

Until we receive feedback on their flower growing attempt, click on the lettuce video below. 


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