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The official local body representing new vehicle manufacturers, Naamsa (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa), has released its latest vehicle sales figures. These numbers reveal which were the best selling cars in South Africa during September 2013.

According to Naamsa, the total number of new vehicles sold in South Africa during September 2013 came to 54 281, marking a year-on-year decline of 1.5% or 812 vehicles, when compared to September 2012’s 55 093 cars sold.

Naamsa revealed that it was the light commercial vehicle sector that experienced the steepest decline last month, dipping by 9.6% year-on-year. The new passenger car sector however, actually managed to climb by 0.8%  when compared to September 2012’s figure.

The clear majority (42 408 units or 78.1%) of the total industry car sales were dealer sales, whilst 15.3% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, and 3.6% were sales to corporate fleets. Vehicle sales to government constituted the last 3%.

Industrial action delivers hard blow to exports

Export sales were hard hit by the three week strike in the vehicle manufacturing industry, with two manufacturers having endured a four week stoppage. These actions were followed by the current strike in the automotive original equipment component manufacturing sector. A massive decline of more than 75.1% was registered in terms of the aggregate export sales.

Naamsa stated that the strike action had managed to damage South Africa’s status and reputation as a reliable supplier to international export markets and could negatively affect future export contracts being awarded to South African automotive manufacturers.

“With labour issues encountered on a production, supplier and retail level over the past month, it was inevitable that these effects would be hard-felt in the reported sales numbers,” said Rob Crouse Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s GM.

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