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Netflix has surpassed a significant milestone when it comes to subscriber numbers. After a year of slowing growth due to an increase in subscription pricing, Netflix has reported a user count of 103.95 million. According to the company, Q2 of 2017 proved quite productive, with an estimated 5.2 million subscribers signing up during the past three months. 

It's been a good time of late for the company's executives, having garnered a whopping 91 Emmy nominations for the 2017 awards show, only being beaten by HBO with 110. Added to this, the popularity of original shows like Stranger Things, The Crown and House of Cards shows no sign of slowing down. 

Given how well the streaming service is doing, space for projects is likely at a premium, and has lead to the likes of Sense8 getting the axe as a result. While fans of such series are less than happy that their favourite shows got cancelled, Netflix has an optimistic outlook, with a representative commenting that, "as much as we dislike ending a series early, it consoles us that it frees up investment for another new show, or two."  

With plans for more than 40 original movies also in the works, there'll be plenty more content to enjoy on the platform in coming years.


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