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One of the many consequences of the Snap, is the utter devastation left behind. In the latest trailer for Avengers: Endgame, for the first time we see some of the fallout, with boats piling up in New York next to the Statue of Liberty. Scenes of emptiness and desolation greet us in what seems like a Marvel Universe devoid of all colour.

The TV spot, which ran during Super Bowl LIII, showed 30 seconds of heartache, as the remaining Avengers and Guardians try and cope with their loss. Cap seems to be in a group therapy session, Thor is contemplative (or hunting Thanos), Black Widow is target practicing and Hawkeye finally makes an appearance. As far as what the two remaining Guardians are up to, poor Rocket is in a fishing village somewhere, while Nebula is with Tony Stark trying desperatly to fix a broken spaceship. War Machine and Ant-Man though look ready for action.

It’s not a lot that Marvel gives, but it will certainly tide us over to some further trailers that are sure to follow before Avengers: Endgame’s release on 26 April 2019. There’s a final bit of speculation from Polygon, noting that maybe we’ve not seen everything just yet. They note that it looks like there might be a character edited out of some of the scenes, believing that it could just be Captain Marvel, whose getting her own movie released on the 8th of March. The release date of Captain Marvel is interesting, seeing that we’re introduced to her before the final instalment of Avengers. Could she feature in the final struggle against Thanos? Moreover, will we ever see the Hulk again? 

Hit play to see how the Avengers are coping.


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