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When it comes to military first person shooters, two franchises matter - Call of Duty and Battlefield. The latter won over several fans with Battlefield 1, and now EA has revealed some details for the next installment in the franchise. To that end, the next Battlefield game will be called Battlefield V or Battlefield 5 is your Roman numeracy skills are not up to scratch.

EA confirmed the title on Battlefield's official Twitter account, along with a logo for the game. They also noted that a livestream reveal for Battlefield V will be happening on 23 May at 23:00 (SAST), with our own Trevor Noah hosting the event.

The live stream is happening on a number of platforms, with those interested in the upcoming title capable of tuning in via Battlefield's YouTube page, Twitch channel or Mixer feed. With little known about what Battlefield V will tackle, it should prove worthwhile to see if EA and DICE can muster the same fervour for the game as they did for Battlefield 1.


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