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Sorry, Gears of War (GoW) fans, you may want to take cover for this one - the series apparently won’t be stomping in Halo’s footsteps and receiving its own remastered Marcus Fenix collection for the Xbox One.

This sad news was confirmed by the developers themselves via Twitter, so bank on it being legit. However, in the grand tradition of taking with one hand and giving with the other, Black Tusk Studios did tease that there are other Gears of War developments in the works, promising that we can anticipate news of multiple GoW projects are underway. No small consolation is that anticipation is high for Gears of War 4, which is currently in development.

Even so, to be honest, it’s an odd choice. While Fenix isn’t our favourite gaming character, his story would lend itself perfectly to being revived on the Xbox One, particularly as the games looked fantastic on the now aged Xbox 360, and would likely be even more stunning in next gen (and a money spinner for the publishers). Also, gamers have proven that remastered/collections sell, particularly when the game in question was a fan favourite to start with. Yes, The Last of Us (review), we’re looking at you.

Nonetheless, hopefully it is onwards and  upwards for the franchise.


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