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Last week, we detailed the impending Roborace series. Acting as a support category for the current Formula E setup, all cars featured in the Roborace series will be completely autonomous. While we've only seen conceptualised renderings from designer Daniel Simon (Tron: Legacy, Oblivion), Nvidia has finally showcased their offering - the Drive PX 2.

The tech company unveiled its autonomous racer at the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California today, detailing how the 'brain' of this futuristic vehicle will work. Nvidia says the Roborace will be immensely intriguing as all the cars (10 competing teams in total at this stage) will feature the same mechanical design and setup, with the competitive edge being delivered by the quality of the software the autonomous car touts.

In the case of the Drive PX 2, Nvidia says it has supercomputer class performance, making it capable of computing up to 24 trillion applications per second for AI functions. Added to this, the Drive PX2 is said to have the processing power of 150 MacBook Pros, according to Nvidia, which will be put to use towards the car's various sensors, cameras and GPS tools.

Finally, the Drive PX 2 has the added benefit of GPU-aided learning, which means they'll get better the more they race. As such, it does present an interesting matchup for the future, of man versus machine within the arena of a racetrack. While we wait for that fateful day to happen, click play on the video below to hear Nvidia describe the PX 2's functionality.  


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