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Oculus has a new VR headset that it recently unveiled. Named the Oculus Go, this latest offering is a standalone model with an early 2018 shipping date being slated and $199 asking price. As far as price goes, the Oculus Go sits between two of the company's current VR headsets, the $129 Gear VR (branded under Samsung) and $499 Rift.

As such, it's designed to appeal to consumers that want a VR experience without having to own a specific compatible smartphone, as well as not needing to plug it into a computer. The new device was unveiled at the Oculus Connect Conference by Facebook's (which owns Oculus) Mark Zuckerberg, who noted that the company plans to get one billion involved with VR as its next big goal.

In terms of features, the Oculus Go does not have inside-out tracking, nor fully tracked motion controllers. Consequently, it's not a commercial version of the Santa Cruz concept headset that Oculus showcased a while back, but still carries the advantage of being far less expensive than the fully fledged Oculus Rift.   

Speaking of the Santa Cruz, Oculus also debuted a new set of controllers for that headset, which means a publically available version of that concept headset is still on the offing.


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