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Last time we saw Dreams, the PS4 exclusive in the works by Media Molecule, it was intriguing us with a tuxedo toting polar bear playing the piano while its cub watched on. It left us with the distinct impression of something as enchanting as it was imaginative being in the works.

The developers showed a bit more at Paris Games Week, with the latest trailer looking no less whimsical, and with a lot more of a focus this time around on how players will be able to create their own dreams for others to dip into. Naturally, it looks like the underlying theme is that of unleashing one’s imagination. At the start, we see a platformer puzzle being created, complete with floating books serving as stepping stones and magical doors that lead to other places. Then the tone shifts entirely, to a level that is perhaps best described as a foodie’s dream come to life, with stepping stones made of macaroons, fruit baskets that populate themselves, and cake quite literally serving as a cakewalk (or more descriptively, a walkway made out of cake that you can traverse).   

On the other end of the spectrum, also revealed at Paris Games Week was a nightmare come to life, with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood being announced. This virtual reality roller coaster ride of a horror fest is obviously going to be a different experience from Until Dawn (review), but there will be some commonalities.

Namely, from the looks of the brief intro trailer, players can expect to once again be scared shirtless. The developers also stressed that the choice aspect, which was such a predominant part of Until Dawn, will also be integrated here. Take a look at the below.


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