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Almost two years ago to the date, Porsche unveiled a concept for its first ever all-electric sports car - the Mission E. Now the electric vehicle (EV) has been confirmed for fully fledged production by the German carmaker at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is the same event the Mission was first revealed in 2015.

Along with confirming its impending arrival to the factory floor for production, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, told CAR Magazine that testing for the official version of the Mission E will be starting soon. He added that if everything goes according to schedule, then Porsche could have the EV ready for pre-order in select regions by the end of 2019.

How much will it cost come next year? While not written in stone, the Mission E could cost in the region of $80 000, notes Blume, which would make it more than twice as expensive as the Tesla Model 3 ($35 000 asking price).

At this stage, Porsche has not confirmed the proper specifications of the Mission E, but the concept model of two years ago was reported to feature 440 kW of power delivered from its battery-powered engine. The 0-100 km/h time was estimated around 3.5 seconds, and the battery could achieve 80% capacity within 15 minutes.  

If those figures remain, Porsche could have an interesting offering on its hands.


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