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By Yeshni Reddy, Displays & Client Peripherals Sales Specialist, Dell Technologies South Africa

With businesses and individuals alike depending on their notebook PCs more than ever with the growth of remote working, it would be accurate to say that a dependable and constant source of power is crucial to business continuity.

Even as battery life has increased significantly in notebooks in the past few years, so have our demands on our notebooks in recent months.

However, modern notebooks often do not have removable batteries. It is impractical if not impossible to swap in a second battery when your notebook runs out of power and a power outlet is not immediately available.

As is the case with smartphones and other mobile devices, a far better solution is to have a power bank close at hand.

But power banks need to be powerful enough to fulfil the needs of a notebook PC and able to provide a full charge or more to users. Addressing this need, Dell Technologies has launched its new USB-C 90W Power Adapter Plus.  

The new Power Adapter can deliver a wide range of voltage requirements, including 20V, 15V, 9V and 5V. It also caters to a range of Dell Latitude notebooks and 2-in-1s, the Precision range (3540, 3541, 3550, 5550, 5750) and XPS notebooks, including the Dell XPS 15 (9500) and XPS 17 (9700). It further doubles as a power bank, providing additional battery life when it is needed most.

This versatility reflects the range of new PC buyers and how their computing demands have shifted. It encompasses professionals who require more powerful PCs to contend with virtual meetings, remote college students and parents who require devices that double as their hub for education and entertainment.

Common to all is that more powerful notebooks invariably put more strain on battery life, making a power bank a valuable addition to their digital lifestyle.  

The reality is that today’s users have more than one mobile device on hand, with smartphones being used as much as notebooks. With this in mind, the device enables users to charge both their USB-C notebook with up to 90W of power, and their USB-A compatible smartphone with 10W of power simultaneously.

The new product joins the existing Dell Power Companion 18 000mAh, which offers up to 28 hours of power for select Latitude notebooks and can power up to two smartphones or tablets. The device displays how much power is left via a segmented LED display.

Furthermore, it complements Dell Technologies’ existing PowerBank Plus USB-C 65W offering, which delivers up to 65 W of power and provides up to 16 hours of charge to a Dell XPS 9370. It has the same voltage output capability as the new 95W Power Bank and similarly allows users to charge their mobile device simultaneously.

Thanks to the USB-A port, users can access the content on their connected smartphone or tablet without having to use a port on their notebook.

On both power banks, integrated Dell ExpressCharge technology smartly manages power management on a users’ behalf, enabling them to optimise their battery life so that they can remain productive for as long as possible.

As remote employees work longer and harder than ever to adjust to the changing world of work, having greater versatility, and an extra boost of power when required, is just one way Dell Technologies is aiming to make the lives of our customers easier. 


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