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When it comes to the local consumer tech landscape, the options are abundant. It can be difficult, however, for newer brands to make an impression. One that has been able to make its mark though, is acessories manufacturer Astrum, bringing value for money devices to our shores. 

To gain a better understanding of what Astrum is planning for the country, we chatted to Astrum marketing manager, Delia du Plessis.  

TechSmart: For those unfamiliar with the Astrum brand, where does it originate from?

Delia du Plessis: Astrum has been around since 2008. We started out in Hong Kong and quickly began expanding our operations globally. We see ourselves as an international "Techcessories" supplier that offers quality, innovative products. Incidentally, Astrum is a Latin word that means star.

TS: You’ve recently expanded your operations to South Africa, what motivated the move?

DdP: We actually expanded to South Africa in 2010, so we’ve been here for a while. We have multiple branches here now - the most recent one being our Cape Town branch which opened in October. Expanding our operations is a big part of Astrum’s vision. We’re essentially a global brand, with branches in six different countries so far, and partners in over 20.

TS: Astrum notes that it tries to pair innovation and value for money in its devices, is that a mix you expect local consumers to react well too?

DdP: Yes, we do. At Astrum we believe that everybody should have access to high quality, innovative products and affordability is a big part of that.

TS: Astrum was one of the big accessory manufacturers on display at the rAge gaming expo this year, what was the response and feedback from consumers like?

DdP: We had a fantastic time at rAge and we’re extremely happy with the response we received. I was there for the duration of the event and I can tell you that our stand was packed with customers. Our products really seemed to pique the interest of the event goers, and it seemed few people could resist leaving our shop without buying a few of our products.

TS: With a wide variety of products in your catalogue, will there be a specific focus for the local market, i.e. speakers or power banks?

DdP: We do have quite a wide variety of products, spanning across six different categories. From traditional IT peripherals to audio, power products, cables and smart gadgets. We have impressive products in all these categories and we wouldn’t want to minimise focus on any of them.

TS: In terms of after sales service, specifically repairs, does Astrum have local capacity to handle that, or will retailers take on that responsibility?

DdP: We pride ourselves on our after sales service and we do handle returns and repairs very comfortably. Our products all come with a substantial warranty and it’s important to us to ensure our customers are satisfied and pleased with their purchases.

TS: With the festive season at our doorstep, where can consumers find your products, and do you have anything special planned?

DdP: You’ll find our products on all major online platforms as well as computer and mobile stores throughout Southern Africa. Specifically, Matrix Warehouse, Computer Mania, Loot, Takealot, The Gadget Shop and Fastrak, to name only a few. And yes, we certainly do have something special planned for the festive season, keep a lookout for amazing Christmas specials.

TS: If there is one thing that consumers need to know about Astrum and its products, what would that be?

DdP: We’re here to stay and you’ll be seeing a lot more of our products.


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