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Late last year, mobile chip manufacturer Qualcomm debuted the new Snapdragon 835. At the time, the processor's capabilities were detailed as being 27% more powerful than its predecessor, along with 30% less power consumption. Added to this was a 10 nanometre architecture, but the rest of its functionality remained unknown. 

That will change later this week, however, as Qualcomm plans to reveal in full the specifications of the Snapdragon 835, according to Engadget. The website cites a recent blog post that lays out all the different elements of the 835, with its photographic and virtual reality applications being immediate standouts. 

On the photography side, the 835 features an upgraded signal processor to assist with image stabilisation and zoom, as well as being able to better support dual camera setups, a feature that numerous flagship smartphones integrated last year. For VR, this new processor sports a faster Adreno 540 graphics card that's specifically designed for reducing the lag for motion tracking and improve positional audio. 

Added to these improvements will be far better battery life and speedier connectivity, according to Qualcomm. All these features will feature in new devices during 2017, but which manufacturer will be the first to sport it remains to be seen. Given Qualcomm's relationship with Samsung, we're assuming the Galaxy S8 will likely be first, and be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in late February this year.


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