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We're still a couple of months away from getting a first look at Android P, with the operating system likely to be previewed at Google I/O 2018 in May, but that has not stopped rumours from circulating about what the OS will be focusing on. A new report from Bloomberg has unearthed a few aspects of the upcoming Android software, with Apple curiously cited as inspiration. 

To that end, the iPhone X and its divisive notch at the top of the screen, is said to be a feature that several Android phone makers will be mimicking over the next few years. As such, Android P's design is said to cater to the notch. 

Other features are said to be more superficial, with Google aiming to improve the look of the OS. With Apple focusing on improving the stability and functionality of its upcoming iteration of iOS, Android will be aiming to lure more Apple users to its devices with a fresh redesign.  

Google Assistant will be deeper embedded in Android P too, according to the Bloomberg report. Whether that means a greater suite of specialised applications like Google Lens remains to be seen, but it looks like the Pixel-esque phone experience will be porting to other Android devices in coming years. 

While the changes for Android P sound good, Google still has a problem with getting its latest operating systems in the hands of users. The current OS, Android Oreo, is still only on an estimated 1.1% of compatible Android devices. This means that all the improvements that Google is baking into its Android flavours are taking far too long to reach users. As such, it will be wise for Google to speed up delivery for  Android P. 


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