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If there is one problem with mobile devices when it comes to doing work or consuming content, invariably it is the size of the screen. While portability is a boon when travelling, the size becomes a hinderance when one is back home or in a hotel room. Seeking to address this issue is Samsung, which has released details of its new DeX offering. The DeX is essentially a dock, that users can slip their Samsung Galaxy S9,  S9+ or recently launched Galaxy Note 9 into. Then smartphone’s screen then appears on their larger TV screen, while the smartphone  then serves as a mouse and keyboard.

Additionally, dual app functionality means users are able to split the screen, and continue communicating with friends or colleagues while they work or watch content.

Craige Fleischer, vice president of Integrated Mobility for Samsung South Africa, explained that the DeX is intended to offer continuous connectivity and convenience. “With the DeX, users may turn anyplace into a workspace, no matter what type of work they do,” he enthused.

What about video calls? While tech has come along in leaps and bounds, Samsung acknowledges that it hasn’t been all that easy to use one device for conducting a video call and making notes or sending documents at the same time.

However, the company maintains that slipping compatible smartphones into the DeX dock will “allow users to access everything they need for a productive brainstorm or video chat session.”  

The DeX Pad has a built-in cooling fan, doubles up as a phone charger and supports ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB Type C connections. It has a 2K resolution output and coupled with the S9 and S9+, 256GB storage.

“Using DeX as your go-to computing power means you avoid creating duplicate files through unnecessary upload and emails to access from other devices, because you’re using the files already stored on your device. This is mobile computing at its finest – depending on the type of computing power required, the DeX will easily replace a laptop,” asserted Fleischer.

Those are bold words, considering the fact that notebooks PCs are still considered by and large to be the go-to solution for content creation and productivity, according to World Wide Worx. If you are thinking the solution sounds straight from the playbook of the Nintendo Switch, you are probably not the only one. However, considering how well that console works, bringing the best of both worlds - mobility and a large screen experience - that is not a bad thing at all.

There’s no word yet on pricing for the DeX, however this story will be updated when it becomes available.


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