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A few years ago, the concept of bendable and foldable displays was being touted for highly durable smartphones, akin to something out of a Sci-Fi movie. The fervour around the technology has died down somewhat, but Samsung could bring it to the fore once again. According to reports from Bloomberg, the South Korean manufacturer could be readying two smartphones with bendable displays for release early next year, with Mobile World Congress 2017 being spoken about.  

The display technology may feature an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) makeup, with some unnamed industry insiders reportedly adding credence to the rumours. Bloomberg further went on to state that the two smartphones would work in slightly different ways. 

One of the devices is said to fold in half, although its precise dimensions and the purpose of folding was not detailed. The other smartphone is believed to measure 5" in size, with bendable portions that unfurl into a larger 8" tablet form factor. 

Bloomberg finally notes that these two devices will not be part of the Galaxy S lineup, so any thoughts that they'll replace the upcoming Galaxy S8 or S8 edge should likely be quelled. Instead, these bendable smartphones could be prototypes released in select areas, much like the Galaxy Note Edge (review) of two years ago.


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