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Telkom has officially revealed its latest product - LIT, a dedicated streaming platform designed to provide zero-rated access to content from a range of partners. At launch, these will include Google Music, Google Movies, Apple Music, Netflix, ShowMax, DSTV Online and others.

“Our LIT offer enables South Africans to access world-class, on-demand, streaming content, without incurring additional data costs. We believe this is a game changer,” notes Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai.

To that end, LIT users will be able to stream or download content from Telkom’s partners for free, but will incur the associated subscription costs for the services. That means your Netlfix subscription costs will still apply, for example, but you will not be charged for streaming content on Telkom LIT.

The service will be launching from 1 September, with LIT Video and Music available to Telkom’s FreeMe (2 GB package or higher) customers and LIT TV being offered to Unlimited Home (8 Mbps and better) owners.

The latter also includes a media box called the Telkom LIT TVC 100, which essentially turns one’s television into a smart TV. The TVC 100 will also be sold separately for an estimated R49.99 per month over a 24-month contract or a single installment of R1 099.

The LIT service options is as follows:

LIT Music enables streaming music on a smartphone or tablet for subscribers on Telkom FreeMe (2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB).

LIT Video allows for the streaming of standard definition video on your smartphone or tablet. This service is available to subscribers of Telkom FreeMe (5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB) unlimited.

LIT TV allows for the streaming of shows, movies and music at home. Customers will receive a free Telkom LIT TVC 100 media box when they sign up for Telkom’s Unlimited Home 8/10Mbps ADSL and Fibre offerings.


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