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If YouTube video down votes are anything to go by, the fate of Activision's upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a precarious one. From the initial announcement trailer that debuted in May this year, to the more recent multiplayer ones unveiled over the weekend, viewers on YouTube have been racking up the dislikes.

The reveal trailer for Infinite Warfare's multiplayer mode for example, which sees gamers take the COD action to space stations, in a very similar fashion to Halo and futuristic FPS titles of that ilk, currently sits on 71k dislikes to 79k likes. 

To be fair though, the video is quite decent, showcasing some of the new tech that gamers will get to try. The Phantom sniper class in particular, looks very enticing. Added to this will be the ability to fight in outer space garb with new weapons, but in Earth-bound locations. Whether or not rules like gravity will still apply, remains to be seen.

Activision also followed up its multiplayer reveal with a seven-minute long overview explaining the new elements they've worked on Infinite Warfare. As expected, it too is not fairing well as far as likes and dislikes, with the latter almost outnumbering the former at 2:1. 

The overview delves into the new gameplay mechanics and highlights the six distinct combat rigs developed for the multiplayer experience. Each is said to lend itself to a particular style of gameplay, and much like Destiny have very specific weapon types and traits.  

With Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare set for cross-platform release on 4 November, it should be interesting to see how gamers react to the fully fledged version of the game.


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