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By Arnold Naicker: Senior Manager: SMBS Product Portfolio, Telkom 

Connectivity is an essential building block for small, micro, and medium businesses to succeed in their respective industries. Without connectivity, businesses cannot collaborate internally, interlink with other businesses, or communicate with customers. SMMEs need sufficient connectivity plans that will help them to improve the quality of their services and tap into growth opportunities.

How essential is business connectivity for SMMEs?

Without business connectivity, SMMEs cannot engage with their customers and potential customers or access any online services that require an internet connection such as banking services etc. Not having a suitable connectivity plan places small businesses at a disadvantage as they are unable to enhance customer engagement and keep up with the ever-changing digital needs of consumers. As many consumers are becoming more reliant on digital services, SMMEs need to adjust their digital solutions to accommodate these changes. This includes the use of websites, apps and cloud services. To provide such communication tools, businesses require unlimited connectivity plans that offer uncapped data solutions and faster speed lines.

Business connectivity enhances customer engagement by enabling SMMEs to create multiple digital channels to conveniently communicate with customers. 

Customers want the ability to access a business’s services from any location and any time. By getting connected and using digital platforms, SMMEs can build a brand reputation by providing reliability and flexibility for customers.  

High-speed connectivity not only allows businesses to better engage with customers but also helps to fast track the business’s daily operations. This includes easy cloud storage and data recovery. Employees can also easily access cloud-based productivity tools such as the Telkom Business Out-of-the-Box software. Such platforms allow SMMEs to access an office tools suite and IT management software under one roof. SMMEs also require reliable and fast connectivity to use fintech tools that help to simplify financial transactions between the business and suppliers or customers.

Broadband is a beneficial tool for SMMEs that want to become digital-first 

In terms of connectivity, broadband remains a foundation for any small business. Without any broadband connection, be it fibre, LTE or ADSL, businesses can easily become restricted in terms of exploring new technology and enhancing their current digital solutions. In this day and age, not much can be done without the requirement to connect to the internet. SMMEs need to have data solutions that will allow them to access the internet and cloud software. SMMEs also need broadband data solutions to use voice tools as businesses gradually adopt Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), especially on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. SMMEs have moved beyond the point of simply needing a copper powerline to operate. 

Business Connectivity Bundles 

As a partner of the SMME, Telkom Business is committed to getting SMMEs connected through cost-effective value propositions. Telkom Business has introduced Business Connectivity Bundles. The bundles carry two main components; broadband that enables SMMEs to gain access to the internet and a voice solution that allows businesses to make unlimited calls. Such bundles are suitable for any office-based business or small retail business connecting between 3-5 devices

Business Bundles are flexible as they include a base plan, and SMMEs have the option to include add-on services without incurring drastic costs. Businesses can also upgrade line speeds, increase the number of voice lines and access additional software services at a discount. 

To help businesses better market products and services, Telkom Business has also included a try-before-you-buy component called Mobiz. This is a smart marketing tool that provides SMMEs with a platform that includes 100 SMSs, and a one-page microsite that businesses can use to market their products.  

Connectivity underpins the digital transformation of any business. Without the right connectivity, SMMEs are unable to enhance their product offerings and grow their brand reputation through digital channels. SMMEs require affordable connectivity plans that can help them to become digitally led businesses.  

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