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Increasingly technological developments in the 21st century are starting to resemble how it was envisioned in movies from the early 20s. One of the devices to give that impression? A headband that purports to enable users to enter their dreams, consciously. The iBand+ basically monitors your sleep cycles and informs you when you reach Rapid Eye Movement (REM) without waking you up.

By using customisable audio and visual cues, the aim is to help dreamers become aware that they are dreaming, and thus have a lucid dream, whereby they can direct the dream while dreaming it. Sound very Inception-like? Well it is.

Admittedly, lucid dreaming is not new, with loads of books on the subject teaching dedicated meditators how to attain the ability. However, this is the first wearable that we have seen that asserts it can help hasten the process.

The device also monitors your sleep, and with a companion app, helps measure and purportedly improve its quality as well.

Apparently though, the iBand+’s functionality doesn’t stop there, with the company behind it enabling developers to publish apps built for the device to extend its functionality in unspecified ways.

The device is currently available for preorder from the manufacturer’s site.


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