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WhatsApp is beginning to look at ways of bringing its messaging platform and tools to more users, with companies and organisations in particular being the major push. To that end, they launched a Business App in select regions recently, with a planned global rollout in coming weeks.

For now, the WhatsApp Business App is available as a free Android download in countries including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the US and UK. While the Android operating system is the go-to option for now, TechCrunch confirms that WhatsApp will support the Business App on other platforms in the future, but no precise timeline is mentioned yet.   

Moving on to what the new Business App will be packing. First, it will introduce a business profile, essentially allowing users to create a page similar to that found in Facebook (which owns WhatsApp). That profile is said to help users better engage with businesses and vice versa, with it listing information about the company, as well as means of making contact.

Along with the profile, the Business App will include features such as quick replies, FAQs, greeting messages and special offer alerts. For businesses, there is also a built-in statistics tool, designed to help them glean vital info about how users are engaging with their business.

For now, the app is targeted at smaller businesses, with WhatsApp noting that an enterprise version for e-commerce sites, airlines and financial institutions is in the works. When that rolls out, it will likely be a paid subscription service, as WhatsApp looks for means of generating revenue.


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