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With each passing week, Microsoft's new Windows 10 OS is looking more appealing. Now however, Microsoft may have just announced the best news to date, especially if you enjoy killing time by playing Candy Crush Saga. The King Digital developed mobile game will be making its way over to Windows 10, with access to the game freely available to users which download or upgrade to Windows 10 during the official launch.

As far as when that exact date is, Microsoft still remains tight lipped. The inclusion of Candy Crush however points more to how Microsoft has changed tact of late, by willing to compromise and be more collaborative with its partners and competitors. The release of Office 365 for iOS serves as one such example to this.

Along with King Digital's Candy Crush Saga, the game developer's other titles will also be ported over to Windows 10, following the OS' release. Furthermore, Microsoft will be adding other popular gaming titles to its stable, as well as revamping versions of its current native games. One such title is Solitaire, which is available to play to all Windows Insider members.


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