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Scooters have not truly taken off in South Africa, as they have in say Asian cities. A lot of that has to do with location, as travelling from home to work often necessitates negotiating a freeway and at least 30 minutes of travelling minimum. Instead, scooters are designed for a very specific type of commuter, and that's where Yamaha's new 03Gen Scooter Concepts come in.

There are two models, the 03 Gen-f and 03Gen-x. The former is designed for urban travel and riders who live, work and play in the city. The 03Gen-x however is aimed at off-road riders with weekend romps to the countryside clearly its natural playground.

Both Scooter Concepts feature a tri-wheel setup, and incorporate a number of different accessories and stylings to make them distinctly different from one another. The 03Gen-f for example features slick looking racing wheels and a superbike-inspired front end. It also has a centrally mounted instrument panel, that registers revs and speed.

The 03Gen-x on the other hand, draws clear inspiration from scramblers and cafe racers, with distinctive brown leather, faux wood, and brushed aluminium parts. Added to this is the X-shaped headlight, as well as a more traditional speedometer on top.

Still concepts at this stage, pricing, release dates and availability still remain a mystery for the 03Gen Scooters. Click on the video below, to check them out in cinematic slow-mo action.         



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