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It has only been a short couple of months since YouTube divulged its plans for the gaming arena. Now, the simply named YouTube Gaming service will consolidate all of the livestreams and gaming related content and videos into one platform, launching in beta phase across the US and UK tomorrow. As expected, there will be comparisons made with Amazon-owned Twitch, which has been used by the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo in recent years to broadcast their live events and unique gaming content.

The fact that gamers these days enjoy posting content and videos online is nothing new, and Twitch is certainly one platform that has benefitted from it. As such, it makes sense that YouTube, and by proxy Google, also want in on the action, as TechCrunch identifies. They also point out that Google was in a bidding war with Amazon to acquire Twitch not too long ago. By now, we all know that Amazon won the battle in the end, and Twitch has formed a vital aspect of its cross-platform ecommerce picture, as play-along videos are essentially living, breathing adverts for consumers to purchase games online.

While there is no confirmation as to how YouTube Gaming will differentiate itself from rivals, the beta phase of the service will be available to iOS and Android users in select regions of North America and the United Kingdom starting tomorrow. As for when those in other parts of the world will get in on the action, no details have emerged as of yet.


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