Freedom House reports says government censorship takes up two-thirds of internet

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 14 November 2016

According to a new report from Freedom House, two-thirds of the world's internet users are censored by their country's government institutions. FULL STORY >


Pirate Bay’s censorship free browser garners 100 000 downloads in four days

By Ryan Noik 14 August 2013

The Pirate Bay’s anti-censorship browser, the PirateBrowser, has garnered a substantial 100 000 downloads in the four days since it set sail. FULL STORY >


The Big Issue - Twitter Censorship

By Ryan Noik 12 March 2012

It seems as if not even this generation's champion of free speech, microblogging platform Twitter, is completely immune from the insidious threat of censorship. FULL STORY >


Homefront preview

By Johan Keyter 15 March 2011

We take a sneak peek at the upcoming first person shooter Homefront, getting a feel for what it means to fight in an occupied country. FULL STORY >


Kim Jong-il removed from Japanese Homefront

By Johan Keyter 8 February 2011

The Japanese game rating organisation has announced that Kim Jong-il as well as all mentions of North Korea will be removed from the country's version of upcoming shooter, Homefront. FULL STORY >


Google executive missing in Egypt

By Johan Keyter 7 February 2011

As unrest continues in Egypt, internet search giant Google reports that one of its employees has gone missing. FULL STORY >


Egypt's last line of communication

By Johan Keyter 1 February 2011

Google and Twitter have revealed a fix which allows Egyptians to share their tweets, even under an internet blackout. FULL STORY >


Egyptian government imposes internet blackout

By Johan Keyter 28 January 2011

As a popular revolution looms for the Egyptian people, the country's government has attempted to silence the masses by severing Egyptian internet access. FULL STORY >


China cracks down on VoIP

By Johan Keyter 4 January 2011

China cracks down on what it calls illegal VoIP companies, meaning Skype could soon join the list of websites excluded from the country. FULL STORY >


Pakistan steps up internet censorship

By Johan Keyter 29 June 2010

Pakistan recently issued orders for 17 websites to be blocked while another seven sites and search engines are to be closely monitored. FULL STORY >


China demands web-filtering software

By Thomas McKinnon 9 June 2009

All PCs sold in China, even imported PCs, will have to be pre-installed with \"Green Dam Youth Escort\" filtering software. FULL STORY >

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