Panasonic investing heavily in SA

By Staff Writer 22 April 2016

Having strengthened its foothold in the South African market in the past year, Panasonic South Africa began trading as an independent PTY Ltd company of 1st April 2016. FULL STORY >


Sponsored call marketing a new way to appeal to low-income consumers

By Press Release 26 November 2015

Consumer brands in South Africa spend millions of rands every year on billboard, TV, radio and print advertising FULL STORY >


It’s time for CIOs to change strategy in the fight against consumer technology

By Staff Writer 6 October 2015

Every day we hear about new data breaches or data losses, with high profile cases bringing data security into the mainstream news agenda. There is no denying that the role of today’s CIO is increasingly complex... FULL STORY >


Social media websites place consumers at an increased risk of theft

By Staff Writer 16 September 2015

According to the 2015 SA Social Media Landscape report, more than 11.8 million South Africans were registered and active on Facebook in 2014 alone FULL STORY >


Digital health may provide solutions for SA healthcare consumers: Deloitte

By Staff Writer 27 August 2015

Digital Healthcare presents potential solutions to many of the healthcare challenges faced in South Africa and the rest of Africa. FULL STORY >


Panda’s 2016 consumer solutions designed for multiple devices

By Staff Writer 19 August 2015

The new Panda 2016 consumer solutions range, from the most basic to the most advanced, offer multi-platform protection. FULL STORY >


Atmosphere Orange says Brand Industry in urgent need of expertise, lacks programmatic savvy

By Staff Writer 1 July 2015

According to Chanel MacKay, new Media Director at Cape Town-based digital agency Atmosphere Orange, brands require greater programmatic savvy to thrive in digital age. FULL STORY >


Less energy, more power: introducing the socially conscious consumer

By Staff Writer 26 June 2015

The stereotype of the spacey tree hugger is well and truly dead. Today’s eco-bunny isn’t found chained to a tree; they’re your average young consumer who chooses to engage critically with the brands they consume. FULL STORY >


Charlene Munilall: Striving to be the best brings new direction to Huawei Consumer Business Group

By Staff Writer 18 May 2015

Charlene Munilall brings a wealth of experience in the mobile and computing space to her new position as General Manager for the Huawei Consumer Business Group SA. FULL STORY >


Physical store still the preferred destination for SA shoppers in spite of significant growth in online shopping

By Staff Writer 10 March 2015

While the digital age has encouraged more consumers to shop and browse products on the web, physical stores are still primary destinations for shoppers globally, according to... FULL STORY >


Interview with Twitter: Four new features explained

By Ryan Noik 23 February 2015

If there is one thing Twitter is not doing, it is standing still. In an interview with Ali Jafari, the vice president of sales for Europe, he elaborated on a number of new features the popular social network and content sharing platform has... FULL STORY >


Acer unveils its strategies for the commercial sector

By Ryan Noik 3 October 2013

At a recent event held in Amsterdam, Acer unleashed fresh strategies for the commercial market, and an invigorating new message for its channel partners. At the invitation of Acer, TechSmart was on hand to glean the company’s new... FULL STORY >


Razer Edge scoops multiple awards

By Ryan Noik 14 January 2013

The Razer Edge has garnered not one, but three awards from CNET, including a coveted Best of CES nod. FULL STORY >


Kodak exiting consumer inkjet printer business next year

By Hanleigh Daniels 1 October 2012

The Eastman Kodak Company is dropping out of the consumer inkjet printer business during 2013. FULL STORY >


Apple vs. ACCC saga continues

By Hanleigh Daniels 18 April 2012

Apple and the Australian consumer watchdog are continuing their legal tussles in court after failing to reach an agreement during a mediation process. FULL STORY >

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