Google addressing copyright infringement in Image Search

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 19 February 2018

Following a recent dispute with Getty Images over copyright infringement, Google is refining its Image Search. FULL STORY >


YouTube creates team to ensure videos are not mistakenly taken down

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 29 February 2016

In order to address growing concerns from users regarding alleged copyright infringements, YouTube has created a team to ensure mistakenly taken down videos become less frequent. FULL STORY >


SA’s Latest IP Minefield – the Copyright Amendment Bill

By Press Release 2 November 2015

It is no secret that South Africa’s current copyright legislation is outdated and in dire need of an overhaul FULL STORY >


Twitter citing copyright for deleting stolen jokes

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 27 July 2015

In an effort to address user concerns on its social media platform, Twitter has begun denying access to Tweeted jokes that are reported as infringing on copyright. FULL STORY >


Anti piracy organisations set sights on Switzerland

By Ryan Noik 26 November 2013

Switzerland has found itself in anti-piracy organisations’ crosshairs, with several groups criticising that country’s approach to copyright infringement. FULL STORY >


YouTube video length extended

By Johan Keyter 10 December 2010

YouTube extends its 15 minute video upload limit allowing full length content to be viewed directly on the site. FULL STORY >


Microsoft patent settlement

By Hanleigh Daniels 18 May 2010

Microsoft has agreed to an once-off payment to VirnetX in order to settle two legal disputes over networking patents. FULL STORY >


HTC countersues Apple

By Hanleigh Daniels 13 May 2010

HTC countersues Apple for patent violations and wants to stop the sale and import of iPhones, iPads as well as iPods in the United States. FULL STORY >


Nokia files lawsuit against Apple

By Hanleigh Daniels 10 May 2010

Nokia has filed a complaint against Apple, claiming that Cupertino has violated five of its patents in two of its devices, those two devices being the iPhone and the iPad 3G. FULL STORY >


Microsoft banned from selling Word in the US

By Hanleigh Daniels 23 December 2009

Microsoft must pay a penalty for infringing upon copyright in its popular Word 2007 software and must stop selling the software by January 2010 in the US. FULL STORY >


Finding legal images online

By Thomas McKinnon 10 July 2009

Google have now taken steps to make identifying licensed images on its Image Search a little easier. FULL STORY >


Creative Commons

By Mike Joubert 2 July 2009

Thanks to the PC and the Net many people are turning their backs on the old ǣall rights reserved paradigm and ?embracing Creative Commons. FULL STORY >


Illegal downloads cost US woman 2 million dollars

By Thomas McKinnon 19 June 2009

US jury returned a verdict against Thomas-Rasset yesterday ordering her to pay some $80 000 in damages per track for downloading 24 tracks illegally. FULL STORY >


P2P file-sharing

By Thomas McKinnon 12 June 2009

If youve ever used LimeWire or a BitTorrent site then youve engaged in file-sharing, and according to some youre liable for prosecution. Moving beyond the legal realm, file-sharing is also an ethical issue. So we put it to you; is P2P file-sharing right or wrong? FULL STORY >


World Copyright Summit

By Thomas McKinnon 8 June 2009

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), headed by Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame, is hosting the second World Copyright Summit this week in Washington DC. FULL STORY >

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