Nostalgia Central

By Andrew Gould 10 July 2008

Way back, when Captain Cook was travelling from port to port, in search of places to name after himself, he described a terrible illness that men were suffering from. FULL STORY >


LG KF510

By Andrew Gould 12 June 2008

The KF510 has a 3 megapixel camera with built-in powerflash and one second response time, as well as an advanced MP3 player that can automatically sort music into play lists or categories. It also has a touchpad with LED lights. FULL STORY >


LG KF600

By Andrew Gould 12 June 2008

The KF600 features two screens: the top one is for viewing and the second acts as a touch-sensitive navigation pad. FULL STORY >



By Andrew Gould 6 June 2008

The Z1's design is very much reminiscent of the LG Chocolate phones. It is very slim and sports a black gloss lid. Located on the lid is a 2.5\" Sideshow display which can be used as a preview screen to check your calendar or choose music while the lid is closed. FULL STORY >

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