Tech News Round-up -iPhone 4 in demand

By Hanleigh Daniels 18 June 2010

Mobile phones feature prominently this week in the Tech News Round-up, as Cupertino's iPhone 4, Motorola's Droid X and a possible new edition to the Nokia line-up create some buzz on the web. FULL STORY >


New Nokia phones announced

By Hanleigh Daniels 17 June 2010

The world's biggest cellphone maker has announced two new additions to its X series phone range. FULL STORY >


Nokia N97 mini

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 June 2010

Nokia delivers a more compact version of the N97 to spearhead its charge into the smartphone segment, at least until the N8 comes out later this year. FULL STORY >


Nokia unveils bicycle charger for emerging markets

By Staff Writer 3 June 2010

Handset manufacturer believes dynamo charger could hold global appeal FULL STORY >


Multitasking Nokia N8 news

By Hanleigh Daniels 31 May 2010

A new demo video of Nokia's latest smartphone, the N8, is doing the rounds on the web showing off its impressive multitasking capabilities. FULL STORY >


Tech News Round-up iPad goes international

By Hanleigh Daniels 28 May 2010

In this week's Tech News Roundup, the iPad lands in nine new countries, whilst Pakistan partially unblocks access to YouTube and Japanese researchers discover a new material that could lead to super-Samurai disks. FULL STORY >


Nokia and Yahoo in relationship

By Hanleigh Daniels 25 May 2010

The world's biggest cellphone maker is teaming up with Yahoo! in a strategic partnership to combine strengths. FULL STORY >


Nokia files lawsuit against Apple

By Hanleigh Daniels 10 May 2010

Nokia has filed a complaint against Apple, claiming that Cupertino has violated five of its patents in two of its devices, those two devices being the iPhone and the iPad 3G. FULL STORY >


Ovi Maps directions in your own voice

By Hanleigh Daniels 5 May 2010

Nokia has released the Own Voice app for Ovi Maps, enabling you to record your own voice and use it as a navigation voice pack, guiding you safely to your destination. FULL STORY >


Nokia N8 announced

By Hanleigh Daniels 28 April 2010

Nokia has announced their latest smartphone, the N8, which is running the latest version of their Symbian OS that sports some new functionality. FULL STORY >


Tech News Roundup Apple up the rankings

By Hanleigh Daniels 16 April 2010

This week Apple ascends in the ranking of the Forbes 500 list of biggest US companies, whilst a new concept hoodie shows us how tech is really taking over all facets of our daily lives, even the clothes can now be tech savvy. FULL STORY >


Nokia X6

By Thomas McKinnon 13 April 2010

The X6 picks up where the 5800 left off. It's Nokias first capacitive Symbian phone, it includes Comes with Music and offers a very good 5MP snapper. FULL STORY >


Nokia N97 mini in South Africa

By Hanleigh Daniels 24 March 2010

The Nokia N97 mini has arrived in South Africa and will be available with the latest version of Ovi Maps offering free navigation for both pedestrians and drivers. FULL STORY >


Skype for Symbian phones

By Hanleigh Daniels 4 March 2010

Skype for Symbian phones allows your Nokia smartphone operating on Series 60 mobile OS to enter the world of affordable VoIP communication. FULL STORY >


Nokia C5 announced

By Hanleigh Daniels 3 March 2010

Nokia has added another letter to their smartphone alphabet with the announcement of the C5 that operates on S60 3rd edition. FULL STORY >

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