A Potato to connect African villages

By Johan Keyter 13 August 2010

The innovators at the Shuttleworth Foundation keeps surprising us and now they've developed a 'potato' that they claim can connect rural Africa. FULL STORY >


Xbox 360 slim reports stellar sales

By Johan Keyter 20 July 2010

The new and improved Xbox 360 is showing impressive sales overseas, beating the likes of the PS3 slim in launch figures. FULL STORY >


Internet Solutions wins tender to become ISP at ACSA airports

By Johan Keyter 21 June 2010

ISP Internet Solutions has won the rights to become the exclusive internet provider for a number of ACSA airports around the country. FULL STORY >


RIM introduces two new bright young things

By Mike Joubert 26 April 2010

What do you change on a smartphone that is already almost perfect for business? Well not much apparently, as RIM has proven with the Bold 9650. They also introduced the new Pearl with 3G. FULL STORY >


RIM BlackBerry Storm2

By Mike Joubert 10 February 2010

The Storm2 fixes the faults of its predecessor, most notably by the inclusion of next-gen SurePress touch-screen technology and Wi-Fi. FULL STORY >


Edimax Wireless 3G-6210n Portable Router

By Thomas McKinnon 22 January 2010

Setting up and sharing a 3G based wireless networks is made easy with Edimax's Wireless 3G Portable Router. The device is the perfect option for people who already own a 3G USB modem, as it is far cheaper than all-in-one 3G router modems. FULL STORY >


In-flight WiFi coming to SA

By Thomas McKinnon 18 January 2010

WirelessG announced today that in-flight WiFi is heading to South Africa. The company is calling the new service Fli GConnect. FULL STORY >


AirLive WIAS-1200G Internet Access Server

By Mike Joubert 29 October 2009

The WIAS1200G Internet Access Server allows proprietors of shops to easily provide hotspot access to their clients. FULL STORY >


MiFi 2352

By Thomas McKinnon 27 October 2009

The MiFi 2352 is an ultraportable wireless router with an HSPA modem. It includes features like AGPS and can even be used as a basic NAS device. FULL STORY >


BlackBerry Storm2 carries more thunder

By Hanleigh Daniels 15 October 2009

With Wi-Fi and promises of a better touch experience, the Storm2 certainly looks yummy FULL STORY >


MiFi - Make your own hotspot

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 October 2009

MiFi lets you create your very own, personal WiFi bubble, or private hot spot, which you can take with you wherever you go. FULL STORY >


Nokia E52

By Mike Joubert 24 September 2009

This entry level smartphone from Nokia ticks all the right boxes, plus it has a battery that eats other smartphones\' for lunch. FULL STORY >


LG goes Android

By Mike Joubert 15 September 2009

LG has joined the ever growing list of manufacturers using the Android OS with the official announcement of the LGGW620. FULL STORY >


Nokia launch even more phones

By Mike Joubert 3 September 2009

The new phones keep on coming thick and fast from Nokia World FULL STORY >


Airlive WH-5400CPE-ESD

By Andrew Gould 2 September 2008

The WH-5400CPE-ESD is an all-in-one device for outdoor wireless application that includes everything you need to make an outdoor wireless connection. The enclosure is made of weather proof ABS+PC+antiUV material with integrated 12-dB antenna. With the special designed... FULL STORY >

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