By Mike Joubert 29 October 2009


Being able to sit down in a coffee shop and connect to the local Internet hotspot is one of the luxuries of modern day living. Proper wireless local area network (WLAN) solutions for proprietors to provide this service are few and far between however.

The AirLive WIAS-1200G Internet access Server (RRP R3749 excl VAT) not only takes care of client’s connections to the hotspot, but also prints out tickets to provide clients with their billing info and access code via its optional ticket printer. The AirLive server offers a lot of functionality since users can be billed either according to time spent on the Net or according to bandwidth usage, while the support of up to 500 local user accounts provides the ability to sell access on a monthly basis.

It communicates on the powerful 802.11g wireless standard and comes with two antennas to ensure extra distance and clear connection to the server for clients. Tickets for clients can either be printed out on a regular printer or on the optional TP-1000 ticket printer (RRP R1749 excl Vat). Contact Nology for more info on 012-657-1317.

Clients can be billed either according to time or bandwidth usage, optional ticket printer
Not a lot really.

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