Collaboration: Bringing women in cybersecurity to new heights

By Staff Writer 13 September 2023

Is the gender gap in cybersecurity as worrisomely big as it used to be? While it might still be there, Karina Brijlal, Chantel Hamman and Celiwe Jakpa of Trend Micro believe it’s closing thanks to women who have taken on new roles... FULL STORY >


Breaking the gender bias and creating a diverse, inclusive cybersecurity workforce

By Industry Contributor 25 July 2022

Barbara Maigret, Global Head of Sustainability & CSR at Fortinet addresses the lack of female representation in the cybersecurity arena. FULL STORY >


The role of technology in driving equality

By Industry Contributor 4 July 2022

By Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Zoho Corp. FULL STORY >


Artificial Intelligence: evolution or existential threat?

By Press Release 13 April 2022

While the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) was already underway, Covid-19 dramatically accelerated its use and adoption in workplaces globally. FULL STORY >


Opening doors for others, we can create a more equal world

By Industry Contributor 15 March 2022

By Linda Saunder, Head of Solution Engineering, Salesforce South Africa FULL STORY >


Gender should not matter but unfortunately, it does

By Industry Contributor 8 March 2022

Today, on International Women’s Day, Natasha Reuben from Dell Technologies unpacks why gender parity is not a zero-sum game, stressing that more needs to be done to ensure gender quality. FULL STORY >


Changing the status quo: Organisations hold the power to bring about long-lasting change

By Industry Contributor 18 August 2021

Monique Watson from Dell, explains why organisations need to undergo a cultural shift and embrace diversity and inclusion to retain female talent and keep them in the tech ecosystem. FULL STORY >


The race against economic inequality within emerging markets – a case for SMEs

By Industry Contributor 15 October 2020

Economic growth is the most powerful tool for reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in developing countries. Soromfe Uzomah, Head: Strategic Partnerships, Microsoft 4Afrika, explains. FULL STORY >


Nurturing female talent in technology is critical to combating gender inequality

By Industry Contributor 8 October 2020

Ahead of International Day of the Girl Child on the 11th October, Dell Technologies' Natasha Reuben provides an indepth look at the importance of nurturing female talent in the Technology Industry to bridge the... FULL STORY >


Industry advice - Ten ways female co-owners can ensure they are treated fairly

By Industry Contributor 12 August 2019

In the wake of Women's Day Rene Botha, Stellenbosch Area Manager for Business Partners Limited has advised ten ways that female co-owners can ensure treated fairly within their own companies. FULL STORY >


Accenture encourages equality in business at its Voices of Change conference

By Ryan Noik 3 August 2018

Ahead of Women’s Day next week, Accenture, along with Nedbank and Thomson Reuters, held a Voices of Change conference to explore equality, the challenges women face in the boardroom and why now is the time to level... FULL STORY >


Google employee who wrote anti-diversity manifesto has been fired

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 8 August 2017

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Google employee who shared the infamous anti-diversity memo, has been fired. FULL STORY >

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