Merging man and machine: Balancing the potential and risks of Musk’s brain chip

By Staff Writer 12 March 2024

Elon Musk's latest breakthrough involves implanting computer chips into human brains…But what does this mean for our future? FULL STORY >


How to think about trustworthy AI in 2024 and beyond

By Staff Writer 27 February 2024

Josefin Rosén, Trustworthy AI specialist at SAS’ Data Ethics Practice explains what Trustworthy AI is – and when it becomes an organisational imperative. FULL STORY >


The evolution of ethics in an age of AI and big data

By Industry Contributor 9 November 2023

By Prof. Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics, Insights and Research for FNB Business FULL STORY >


Interview: The New Frontier - Responsible Use of AI

By Ryan Noik 8 June 2021

With the rise of AI across all facets of society, ethics in artificial intelligence initiatives is proving to be the new frontier of technology. Olivier Penel, SAS Data & Analytics Strategic Advisor, elaborates in this exclusive interview. FULL STORY >


Sound ethics in the workplace requires ethical leadership

By Opinion 16 March 2018

By Thapelo Petje, Executive Director: Group Strategic Sales, Jasco Group FULL STORY >


DeepMind launches AI Ethics unit

By Staff Writer 5 October 2017

DeepMind announced in a blog post the establishment of DeepMind Ethics & Society, eloquently explaining why this research unit was necessary. FULL STORY >


Opinion - Human 2.0: Is it time for the Three Laws?

By Press Release 21 July 2017

As tantalizing as fantastical developments like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are, the question as to whether society is moving too fast to keep up ethically arises. The head of NMPi Labs gives his perspective. FULL STORY >

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