Geek News Highlights: The Spoiler Alert Edition

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 17 April 2014

This week is chock-a-block with spoilers, as we detail the latest X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer. As well as Jon Savage's new crowdfunded music mockumentary project. FULL STORY >


Geek News Highlights: The Terrific Trailers Edition

By Ryan Noik 27 March 2014

In this week’s Geek News Highlights, sci-fi fans have much to look forward to, with Prometheus 2 in the works,the Wachowski’s at it again and a new X-Men Days of Future Past trailer looking fantastic. FULL STORY >


Man implants magnets in his ear to deliver music without headphones

By Thomas McKinnon 1 July 2013

Begging the question whether we are seeing the dawn of cybernetic implants, a man in Utah has implanted magnets in his ears to hear music in-ear without headphones. FULL STORY >


Top 5 movie vehicles

By Ryan Noik 18 January 2012

Movies have blessed us with a number of alternative means of transportation we would dearly love to get our hands on. Here are a few we lust after. FULL STORY >


Futuremark developing 3DMark for Android

By Hanleigh Daniels 30 November 2011

The software firm behind the 3DMark PC benchmarking software will be bringing their software to an Android-powered tablet near you in 2012. FULL STORY >


Intel introduces its Connected Store concept

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 January 2011

Intel gives a peak into the future retail shopping experience with its Connected Store concept. FULL STORY >


Intel brain chip

By Thomas McKinnon 24 November 2009

Intel is currently working on a chip that will be implanted in the human brain, allowing people to control computers and other device by thought alone. FULL STORY >

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