Cybersecurity needs to be seen as a strategic issue, not just an IT investment

By Opinion 9 November 2017

Paul Williams, country manager – Southern Africa at Fortinet, says there are a number of factors driving boards, executives, and IT decision makers to make cybersecurity a top priority in 2018 FULL STORY >


The science of securing cyber skills

By Opinion 8 November 2017

Urgent measures need to be taken to bridge the rapidly increasing cybersecurity skills gap, says Martin Walshaw, Senior Systems Engineer at F5 Networks. FULL STORY >


Are local data backup providers as trustworthy as big international brands?

By Press Release 7 November 2017

Data is essential to the smooth operation of any business, and the protection and backing up of that data is just as critical. Most organisations have – or should have - a data protection and business continuity... FULL STORY >


Hetzner breach exposes the need for cyber insurance

By Press Release 6 November 2017

This week, one of SA's largest hosting companies, Hetzner, was hacked, exposing hundreds of thousands of FTP passwords, domain names and bank account details, with the exception of credit card information. This has left SA organisations... FULL STORY >


Does your organisation need ‘up-to-date’ data protection?

By Opinion 6 November 2017

Data is an organisation’s most critical, strategic and competitive asset. In order for businesses to remain successful, in it imperative that they protect their data. FULL STORY >


Fortinet’s global cybersecurity survey reveals weaknesses and silver linings

By Ryan Noik 6 November 2017

Fortinet's recent 2017 Global Enterprise Security Survey revealed interesting findings about how organisations are viewing security, and what needs to be improved on. FULL STORY >


Fake WhatApp app hits 1 million Android users

By Staff Writer 6 November 2017

If you’ve recently downloaded a version of WhatsApp, you might want to check that it’s not a fake. FULL STORY >


Half of businesses find it hard to identify a serious security breach. Do you?

By Press Release 3 November 2017

Prevention is still the main pillar of corporate cybersecurity, says the report New Threats, New Mindset: Being Risk Ready in a World of Complex Attacks from Kaspersky Lab. FULL STORY >


Dating with Hackers: users of the world’s most popular apps face serious security risks

By Press Release 1 November 2017

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a range of vulnerabilities contained in popular dating apps which have the potential to result in various negative consequences for users. FULL STORY >


In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream…

By Press Release 30 October 2017

Martin Walshaw, Senior Systems Engineer for F5 Networks, highlights the top security threats freaking everyone out this Halloween. FULL STORY >


How prepared is SA for a cyber-security attack?

By Press Release 24 October 2017

This year’s hacking attacks have been some of the worst we have seen, and they have undoubtedly left a mark on the cyber world. FULL STORY >


Is your security team not getting enough exercise?

By Opinion 17 October 2017

BDO’s head of International Cyber Security Consulting, Danny Solomon and BDO Cyber and Forensic Lab executive in South Africa, David Cohen share their opinions on how businesses should be looking at cyber security. FULL STORY >


No talent, no security: Where is the next generation of cybersecurity experts?

By Press Release 16 October 2017

As 48% of businesses experience a talent shortage, Kaspersky Lab and its partners set up a talent discovery program. FULL STORY >


Delivering end-user cyber safety – creating new opportunities for Managed Service Providers

By Opinion 16 October 2017

Cybersecurity threats continue to spiral out of control, putting more companies across the globe at risk of falling victim to data theft and enduring reputational damage that could be the death strike... FULL STORY >


Fortinet offers essential cyber-safety tips amidst escalating cyber-attacks

By Press Release 11 October 2017

Fortinet warns businesses and individuals in South Africa to brace for escalating cyber-attacks as cyber-criminals expand their targets to home network devices and mobile devices. FULL STORY >

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