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The tumultuous events of 2020 have demonstrated how agile and innovative, yet cost controlled ideas need to be implemented across all business practices. Global business is fast entering a highly disruptive and unpredictable era, and savvy leaders are looking for leaner, yet dynamic operational models. With this in mind, Basalt, a South African-based technology company, has launched Basalt Team Finder, a bespoke solution for accessing ‘staff on demand’ (SOD) in the form of remote software developers, business analysts, product managers and designers that can drive innovation and support existing teams.

“We have identified the growing need for talented developers and IT innovators who can quickly deliver value to businesses using an agile and scalable ‘staff on demand’ model,” explains Wayne Zwiers, CEO, Basalt. “Businesses across sectors are embracing distributed workforces as a way to both drive growth and cut down on costs – and gaining access to the Basalt Team Finder platform can enable businesses and teams to find the right talent for their innovation strategies.”

Testament to its experience with distributed workforces, Basalt has an extensive staff complement of technology specialists who are located around the world. These leading developers are able to provide high quality and intentional technology solutions for a range of clients on an outsourced basis.

As development experts with a proven track record, Basalt takes the difficulty and risk out of recruiting outsourced, remote developers,” adds Zwiers. “This type of ‘staff on demand’ solution will become more and more important as the global business work force environment adapts and embraces a leaner, on-demand approach to recruitment.”

Increasingly, ‘staff on demand’ (SOD) offers numerous advantages from budget efficiency to effective utilization of the company’s resources at any given moment. Notably, as software development is not time zone dependent, developers can be outsourced globally and assigned to the right project - based on their unique skillset and experience. The cost flexibility has proven to be beneficial for customers and companies that outsource, and this will become even more important in the months and years ahead.

“Companies can no longer rely on old models and traditional ways of recruiting skills,” says Zwiers. “Those that quickly embrace emerging solutions and more dynamic models will be best positioned to innovate their way out of economic challenges.”

For further information on accessing dedicated teams of specialist technical engineering and individual freelance developers, please contact Lerato Matabola at



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