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Canon Europe, world-leader in imaging solutions, has added two new cheque scanners to its successful imageFORMULA range, the imageFORMULA CR-L1 and the imageFORMULA CR-L1 UV. The new compact devices are designed to sit comfortably on narrow teller counters and offer the latest in high-precision image scanning to increase productivity and speed up cheque clearing times. 

Maximum accuracy and speed

Designed with efficiency in mind, the imageFORMULA CR-L1 and imageFORMULA CR-L1 UV are capable of accurately scanning up to 3,000 cheques per day, with up to 45 cheques processed per minute respectively, and support double-sided capture of images in a single transaction

The CR-L1 series is equipped with Canon’s unique magnetic head that reads MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) code line data printed with magnetic ink. A smooth and reliable 50-sheet automatic feeding mechanism maximises speed and productivity and allows additional cheques to be added for efficient drop-in batch scanning.

For even better accurate recognition and optimum precision, the CR-L1 series canutilise MOCR to combine both magnetic ink reading (MICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology that applies a unique algorithm to cross-check characters.

Tim Brosnihan, European Product Marketing Manager, Canon Europe, said “We expect that demands to scan small batches of cheques will increase where cheque processing is done at the teller counter or at the retailer instead of via a centralised scanning process. In 2017, 405 million cheques were used for payments and acquiring cash in the UK alone¹.  Thanks to their small size, these latest cheque scanners are perfect for small teller or cashier desks.  Designed to provide maximum image accuracy and speed in an ultra-compact design, the CR-L1 and CR-L1 UV can seamlessly fit into the smallest of workspaces.”

Superior image quality

The sleek, compact devices incorporate a number of impressive image processing tools, including an advanced CIS (Contact Image Sensor) unit. Benefits include sharper images and less image distortion, with better text readability for enhanced OCR accuracy.

Fine Text Filtering technology significantly reduces unwanted noise from patterned document backgrounds and images to ensure a sharp, clean output every time.  The CR-L1 model also supports scanning in colour up to resolution of 300dpi.

UV Scanning and effortless imprinting

The dedicated CR-L1 UV model employs best-in-class anti-fraud technology thanks to the UV scan sensors which provides clear visibility of UV ink overlays and other anti-counterfeit prints to help minimise the risk of processing fraudulent or tampered-with cheques.  Users can also rely on the built-in imprinter for capturing and printing important information on the back of the cheque, including characters, date, incremental numbers, time, or arrow symbols.

The imageFORMULA CR-L1 and CR-L1 UV can be used alongside Canon’s bundled Scanning Utility Software, and for integration with existing systems is provided with aCanon Driver and the Ranger Transport API driver. A Software Developers Kit (SDK) is also available for developers to seamlessly integrate Canon ‘s CR-Series Cheque Scanners with customised or specialised solutions.

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Product specifications

  • Compact cheque scanner for teller counters
  • Fast scanning speed up to 45 cpm (B&W, 200dpi, Personal Cheques) Supports colour output at 300dpi
  • Dedicated UV Model: CR-L1 UV
  • Pre-scan endorsements with built-in imprinter
  • Highly accurate MICR with MOCR feature
  • Double-feed detection with infrared sensor
  • Optional Receipt Printer ready
  • Energy efficient model
  • ADF: 50 sheets feeder capacity
  • Suggested daily duty cycle: 3,000 cheques per day
  • Power consumption
    • Scanning: 15.8W or less
    • In sleep mode: 2.3W or less
    • In Power OFF: 0.1W or less


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