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By Craig Johnston, Marketing Manager of Bluekey Seidor

Connectivity. The word on everyone’s lips, and rightly so. There is a revolution bubbling under the surface where consumers are demanding reliable, fast connectivity; and many Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are stepping up to the plate. As an ISP, there is huge pressure to deliver this service as quickly and efficiently as possible to satisfy customer demand. We live in a time characterised by technological changes where everything’s available at the touch of a button and systems are integrated and instant. If you don’t keep up, your business will fall behind.

But with the new demand, comes new challenges for ISP’s, one of them being how to differentiate themselves within the market. How do customers choose one ISP over another? How can a company make sure they are the service provider of choice for the growing, vocal consumer? In this highly competitive market, differentiation is key; and a crucial way ISP’s can do this is to integrate and automate their systems across all touch points; ensuring the best before, during and after-sales service. Holistic business solutions and ERP software is a way that ISP’s can stay ahead of the competition and not become redundant.

Transparency and integration

Transparency and integration are powerful tools for ISP’s. A comprehensive business management software is not only for large corporates; SME’s can (and should) take advantage of technology that’s available to them.

Call centres can now be integrated with the field service department to assist with service delivery and customer queries in real-time. By integrating these two departments, you can significantly shorten estimated time-of-service windows, as well as improve scheduling and dispatching workflows, resulting in happier customers and staff. Overall, this will improve brand equity in the market.


Customer satisfaction is a key driver for sustainable growth in a customer-driven market and poor customer service can be detrimental. Therefore, it is essential that a system is in place that delivers a holistic support process that is centered around the needs of customers.

By selecting the right business management software, ISP’s can now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to assist with real-time updates and efficient resource deployment to shorten the estimated time of delivery. By using AI to improve accuracy of updates and ETA’s to customers, ISP’s can now meet customers’ expectations and ensure that their needs are being met. In addition, companies can take it one step further and implement a self-service customer portal, with an option for real-time customer interaction. Dipstick research has shown that call wait time, and regular accurate communication from the ISP are important factors for customers. In order to deliver outstanding customer service, ISP’s need to ensure that these factors are regularly monitored and managed. 

In an industry dominated by small margins and technological innovation, customer relationship management is imperative to have the competitive advantage. Service excellence starts with building an organisational culture that revolves around customer satisfaction.

Using smart technology to stay ahead of the game

The right business management software is accessible, mobile and instant. It provides a completely transparent view of your business and assigns accountability to ensure that jobs are completed timeously. Data can now be entered on site, comments from customers can be noted and parts can be ordered on the spot, while the technician is still on site; meaning that turnaround times are accelerated and resolutions are sorted quickly.

To stay ahead of the game in such a competitive industry, keeping your customers happy should be your biggest priority. Quick solutions to problems, transparency and self-service are the new measurements of success in the mind of customers. ISP’s can elevate their businesses by understanding how to harness the true power of business management software available to them.



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