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Digital technology is fast transforming the service providers and communications contact centre industry. Social media engagement has already risen by 23% and phone transactions handled by call centres has dropped by 12%. This is according to Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.

Brandchat is the latest tool that is transforming how customers and businesses interact with each other across multiple messaging platforms including WeChat, Facebook, Telegram and Kik.

Organisations can share targeted content across multiple messaging apps and then manage multiple customer engagements from one dashboard ensuring faster, relevant responses, better and more valuable customer relationships.

BrandChat director Pete Matthaei says social media is by far the leading channel people want to engage on. “These are channels that are familiar to them and 82% of our customers can already attribute cost savings via improved communications.”

“Transform the way your customers engage with your business. A chat interface isn’t just limited to texts, it enables a two way conversation to get things done. This can be anything starting from conversing to booking an Uber and even ordering food,” he explains.

Starting a chat is quicker than downloading an app, more immediate and cheaper than making a phone call, and simpler than figuring out a complex website.

However, balancing the digital demand with human touch is critical to its effectiveness. While digital volumes are growing, often the service they deliver falls short of both customer expectations and the potential of the channel.

To enable this, BrandChat integrates with existing CRM platforms for brands looking to connect more meaningfully with their clients.

BrandChat helps manage client engagements across multiple chat platforms, its content management system (CMS) is in development to be network agnostic.

This means content is only created once, the CMS adapts it to all messaging channels. Organisations now get one unified view of all their customer interactions across all supported channels, with the ability to reply in any channel of choice.

“The benefits are enormous, not only is there potential reduction in seat costs by providing digital self-service channels, but there is certainly reduced technology costs. With BrandChat, you will have more control, visibility and information to demonstrate the direct link between customer engagement and customer action – with personalised proactive communication,” he concludes.



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